Minor Journey updates - more to come

Today's update improves the usability of two existing features. First, the Annotation Field feature, which allowed you to write administrative notes on survey responses, has been changed to a more straightforward version: now, all responses automatically have a Notes field, which you can edit as you see fit. With this update, there's no need to add any special hidden fields to your survey to enable this.

Second, while it's always been possible to subscribe to survey responses using an RSS feed, this functionality was a bit hidden, particularly for users of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, which don't automatically discover related RSS feeds for a page. With this update, I've added a "Subscribe" tab under Responses, which contains a basic overview of RSS and a copy-pasteable URL for the response feed.

In the next update, I'm planning a much-needed overhaul of the questionnaire editing UI. This update will make it possible to move questions between pages easily as well as making Journey much more usable on touch devices, such as the iPad.

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